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Introducing The Resilience Playbook

Times of extraordinary change and disruptions demand flexibility, humility, perseverance, self-reflection and a responsiveness to a complex confluence of realities by museum leaders. Agile leadership requires mapping out a meaningful, relevant, and financially viable path forward to achieve greater public impact, inclusion, and value through resilience practices. Resilience strategies require rethinking long-held approaches and tackling embedded exclusionary, colonial, and outmoded ideologies and practices to establish more flexible, inclusive, and responsive frameworks that better align with external realities.

With your purchase of THE RESILIENCE PLAYBOOK and time with the Resilience Team, your organization can reimagine a future that is relevant and responsive to the changing world around us. Specifically, THE RESILIENCE PLAYBOOK encompasses 5 Resilience Goals and 20 Plays that offer practical and empowering approaches to help your organization realign around equity and inclusion, community value, impactful role, financial viability, and agile leadership. It’s a detailed tool for taking the steps to create a resilient organization and to inform and shape your Resilience Plan.

The RESILIENCE TEAM of museum veterans - Anne W. Ackerson, Gail Anderson, and Dina A. Bailey - is here to guide you through THE RESILIENCE PLAYBOOK, meeting you where you are with your goals in mind. We tailor our services to you, whether it involves one of us or the full Resilience Team. Here are some options for you to consider:
  • Attend a free introductory webinar that outlines the tenets of THE RESILIENCE PLAYBOOK and explains the options for using the Playbook and the Playbook Team’s guidance;
  • Participate in an in-depth, half-day orientation workshop that will utilize THE RESILIENCE PLAYBOOK and members of the Playbook Team to determine next steps that are specific to the needs of your organization (initial fee);
  • Engage the Playbook Team in a coaching role over several months, beginning with an initial orientation workshop and, then, supported with check-in calls and work sessions to keep organizational momentum going (negotiated fee); or,
  • Work with the Playbook Team to take you through a planning process, based on THE RESILIENCE PLAYBOOK, to build a Resilience Framework and Plan that will guide your institution forward (negotiated fee).
THE RESILIENCE PLAYBOOK is designed for organization use only, but individuals will be able to learn more in future webinars and articles.

Or feel free to contact us individually for more information:

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