Thursday, December 22, 2011

Make 2012 Your Organization's Year of Intention

NOW THAT THE END OF 2011 IS PLAINLY IN sight, many of us are taking some time to evaluate our progress these last twelve months and plan for the next twelve.  What's on your agenda -- personally or organizationally -- for tweaking or downright change?  Have you already identified a few strategic shifts for 2012?

From an organizational point of view, any amount of course shifting can be difficult.  The tiniest changes can be disruptive and angst-producing....and may not produce hoped for results.  But, small changes, when introduced intentionally, thoughtfully, and tied to larger goals, can have great effect over time.  Tackling challenges from the margins is often a really useful strategy.

How does an organization determine when a challenge can be resolved or reframed from the edges and when it needs to be addressed head-on?  Isn't this just one of those perfect strategic questions for board and staff to work on together?

The key word is, of course, "strategic".  Course shifting for the sake of doing something different just doesn't cut it in a time of depleted resources and donor fatigue.  Part of the answer to these questions rests on how open your organization is currently to engaging in deep conversations of this type.  Part of the answer rests on your organization's commitment to embracing relevant external and internal information along with its vision-mission-goals as the guideposts for decision-making.  

Part of the answer rests with you.  As the board or staff leader, as a staff member or volunteer leading from within, as a donor who goes the extra mile for your organization, how can you illuminate the pathways to strategic development?  What questions will you ask?  

A new year is coming.  Are you ready?


Jeanne Vergeront said...

Anne, Thanks for this and your year of thoughtful reflections and firm but gentle exhortations for leaders at all levels. I look forward to 2012. Cheers, Jeanne

Anne W. Ackerson said...

Thanks, Jeanne! I appreciate the comments you've made about my posts -- they've added depth and dimension to what I've written.

All the best to you for 2012!