Friday, October 30, 2009

Key Questions for Board and Senior Staff

I'M PREPARING FOR A BOARD WORKSHOP ON ROLES and responsibilities, and we'll be spending a good chunk of time reviewing a self-assessment board members participated in a few weeks ago. The organization's director and I decided to use the self-assessment as the launch pad for a series of discussion questions that we think will encourage board members to dig deeper into how to apply established responsibilities to the institution.

I think they're pretty good, so I wanted to share them with you. Feel free to share them with your boards.
  • How frequently and deeply is the mission used to drive organizational goals and values?
  • What is the role of the executive director vis-a-vis the board in financial stewardship?
  • Besides finances, what are the biggest risks facing the institution?
  • How can interaction among board members be enhanced?
  • Is the needed mix of talent at the board table for now and the next five years?
  • How can the level of information and idea exchange at board meetings be effectively increased?
  • How can the board be more visible to the organization's constituents?
  • What are the one or two factors that are critical to the board-director relationship?
  • What changes in board structure or practices could enhance the organization's ability to fulfill its mission?
Photo: 2008-0625 IAA Board Meeting 067 from Arts Alliance Illinois

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